Retail IT Installations

Technical expertise for local, regional, and national IT projects

Professional IT Installations

At CSI we understand when your IT system doesn’t perform the way it should it hampers your operating efficiency and jeopardizes your earning potential. We keep these critical needs in mind as our highly trained teams perform top quality installations to help you manage your networks.

  • Mobile workforce
  • Fully equipped vans
  • Aerial access – we stock man lifts and scissor lifts
  • Test equipment to meet and exceed the latest standards

Network Equipment Installations and Technology Rollouts

Many of our retail customer’s design and support their own IT networks.

As our customer’s businesses have expanded they’ve relied on CSI to provide the technical labor in the field to complete their equipment installations.

Whether it’s new store setups, remodels, or network upgrades we’ve supplied a skilled dependable mobile workforce that works seamlessly with our customer’s IT departments.

This has allowed us to upgrade routers, switches, servers, PC’s, access points, and satellite equipment in hundreds of locations in a timely efficient manner.

Structured Cabling for Data, Voice and Security Systems

Structured cabling is the backbone of your network infrastructure. It sets the standard for your capabilities.

A properly designed system provides the following benefits:

  • Predictable performance
  • Flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes in a timely organized manner.
  • Provides redundancy.
  • Time savings; testing and tracing becomes a much easier job with a structured cabling system.
  • Potential for downtime is reduced – human error is drastically reduced due to a standardized system

Server Room Installation Services and Cleanups

The server room is the centralized brain of your structured cabling system. The design and installation needs to be of the highest standards.

The cleanup achieves the following goals:

  • Review and correct power connections to ensure proper circuit utilization and power redundancy
  • Review and correct network connections to ensure redundancy and accuracy
  • Label and document cabling in your network to simplify system management and facilitate easier upgrades and expansions in the future
  • Cable abatement for end of life runs and equipment
  • Install rack management, clean up patch cabling so equipment is visible and serviceable
  • Free up rack space for future upgrades

Call Center Support

The main goal of Remote Support is to monitor, control, and document scheduled events. The Support role is one of leadership, not just observation. Support’s job is to drive results by helping installation contractors complete their scope correctly.

Activities include:

  • Check in technicians as they arrive at scheduled store events – confirm location, store and construction readiness, and equipment onsite (ready to start).
  • Recognize and escalate exceptions as needed.
  • Answer installation procedure questions during the in-store events.
  • Receive and review check-out documents and deliverables; create EOD report with a detailed status.
  • Release techs from stores when work and documentation have been completed to customer standards.

Superior Project Management and Implementation

  • Single point of contact with your account manager. High level of customer interaction
  • Focus on timelines, schedules, and deadlines
  • Project delivery never an issue
  • Experienced Account Managers with a strong understanding of customer’s processes and procedures